Cole pleads guilty to bank robberies

June 20, 2014

10-11-13 MUG coleClinton Cole, 57, of Harrison has pled guilty to the armed robber of two Chemical Harrison banks last October and was sentenced in May for a Cadillac Bank robbery.

According to police, Cole got approximately $4,300 from Chemical Bank on Second Street and later stole about $7,500 from the Chemical Bank branch north of Harrison in Hayes Township.
He and Ruth Loomis, 56, of Cadillac were apprehended north of Harrison October 2, 2013 after they allegedly fled from the second Chemical Bank robbed that day.

Cole was sentenced last month for robbing the Wexford Community Credit Union in Cadillac earlier that same day. He will serve 14 to 31 years in prison for that robbery.

In a joint investigation with the Clare County Sheriff’s Department, Michigan State Police and FBI from the Saginaw office, investigators went to a home in Lake George where they recovered over $1,200. The money was confirmed to have come from the Cadillac robbery. A search warrant at a Cadillac residence about four blocks from the Wexford Community Credit Union led to the discovery of over $18,000.
Sentencing for the Harrison robberies is scheduled for next month.

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