Coleman filmmaker premieres new film at Ideal Theatre

July 5, 2013

The film received a positive  response from the audience.

The film received a positive response from the audience.

On July 15th, Coleman filmmaker, John W. Bosley, will be doing a return premiere of his recent film, The House That Jack Broke, at the Ideal Theater in Clare. The film had a sold out screening in Royal Oak in March and another huge turnout in Lansing, in the same month. Bosley decided to host this recent screening at the local theater in reaction to the constant demands from local fans.

The House That Jack Broke is a story about a newlywed couple’s relationship being stretching to the breaking point when the FBI begins investigating the husband’s past in connection to a double murder case that happened three years before their wedding. Ninety percent of the film was shot in Michigan and features an all Michigan cast and crew.

The film stars Bosley as the lead character, Jack Peterson, who is being investigated by the FBI. The film also features some other Coleman residents who were featured in smaller roles.

“We received numerous positive responses to the film from a varied audience,” Bosley stated. “some people requested a sequel, others were asking how we pulled it off. What I do know is that we’re building a fan base that want to see the next project that I develop. That is the best thing a filmmaker can receive from their audience.”

The premiere will be showing the short film “Awakening” right before each screening of the film. “Awakening” is a short “demo” of a the opening scene for a TV show that Bosley is developing. The short was shot entirely in Coleman, but transformed into a major metropolitan area in post-production. Bosley is looking into a shooting the TV show concept, the short was developed for, sometime next year.

Recently Bosley has started discussions with a New York based actor, who has been in over 30 films, about his upcoming independent TV show production he has been working on developing. This TV show concept is related to the “Awakening” segment that was shot in Coleman, in 2011.

There is a coupon the filmmaker has made available to the Clare County area in this edition of the newspaper.
To learn more about the film go to:

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