College coaches teach attendees at Rogers Athletic clinic

May 31, 2013

The Rogers Athletic Power and Skill Clinic was held on May 4, 2013 on The Rogers Group campus in Clare. The purpose of this clinic was to provide informational sessions for Football and Strength coaches on a wide variety of topics. We wanted them to find new ways to train their players to be safe during practice and games, to provide skill and strength training techniques, to work with each player to help them become well-rounded individuals and not just a football player and to showcase our Rogers Athletic and Pendulum equipment.

The program began with Nathan Rogers welcoming everyone to the event. He gave a short historical synopsis of how The Rogers Group began and where they are now. Dan Enos, Head Football Coach for CMU, was the first presenter of the day. He talked about how each football player is not just a football player, but a student, a son, an uncle, a brother, a friend and an individual.

Each person needs to be treated with respect. You’re not training this person to be just a football player; you’re training him to be a man with moral convictions. When Coach Enos walked up to the stage using a cane, he told the crowd that if he had used the Pendulum and Rogers Athletic Equipment when he was an athlete, maybe he wouldn’t have had hip replacement surgery at 44.

The other presenters at the clinic were our own Tyler Hobson, Matt Mitchell, Head Football Coach, SVSU, Mike Cummings, OC & OL Coach, CMU, Matt Yoches DL Coach, SVSU, Mark Naylor Strength and Conditioning Coach, U of M, Jay Hooten, Director of Performance, Northwestern Univ., Blaise Winter, 1983 MVP Syracuse University and 11 year NFL Player, Robert Taylor, Former Head Strength Coach, Loyola University. Each presenter brought a different wealth of knowledge to the table for the attendees.

Some of the attendee comments on the speakers were: “Each coach I listened to gave me information that as a coach I will use for a long time” – “I am not a strength coach, but help out in the weight room so I would say that the content was at a level that even a first time strength clinic attendee got something out of Mark Naylor’s presentation. The football speakers that I watched did an excellent job. I have been to a number of clinics this season and this clinic was right up there with any that I was at.”

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