Conlay will fill Clerk/Treasurer position at Farwell Village

November 14, 2011

The Farwell Village Council voted 5-0 with one abstention to name Janet Conlay as the new Clerk/Treasurer of the Village Monday evening.

Conlay was sworn in at the regular meeting.

She has been treasurer, but has been doing both jobs since former Clerk Diane Maki resigned October 6. Maki made a verbal resignation notifying Village President Steve Grim that “the job was stressful, the government provides no training and technology is moving too fast and leaving her behind,” according to the minutes of the October 12 Special Meeting.

The Council acknowledged Maki’s resignation October 12.

Grim and Commissioner Vicky Gunden noted that they had prepared job descriptions for a Clerk/Treasurer and an Office Assistant position at the October 24 Committee of the Whole meeting, with an ad to be posted in the newspaper following the regular November meeting. The Office committee recommended creating the part-time office assistant position for 20-25 hours per week at $8 per hour. The Committee of the Whole also recommended creating a full time clerk/treasurer position and discussed a salary for the position.

Both recommendations were approved 5-0 with James Conlay abstaining at Monday’s Council meeting.

Later in the meeting the board discussed and approved 5-0 (with James Conlay abstaining) Janet Conlay filling the Clerk/Treasurer position at a salary of $15.50 per hour for a 90-day probationary period. Since she has been serving in that capacity for a month already, the wage increase would be retroactive October 12th with one-third of her probationary period completed.

Also part of the Committee of the Whole recommendations as the regular meeting “consent agenda,” the Council authorized the addition of Elton Marshall and Delores Knepper as co-signers on the Village checking accounts (Later in the meeting Vicky Gunden was also added); approved residents’ use of credit cards either by website or phone for utility and tax payments through Paymentus Corporation; and approved a ten percent increase in the base amount and usage rate on residents water bills beginning with the November 16 billing cycle.

During Department of Public Works Superintendent Aaron Moline’s report, the Council approved the purchase of new tires for a DPW truck not to exceed $850, purchase of a new computer for the DPW at a cost of $913.51 including software, and hiring Jane Matthews to clean the Village offices weekly for five hours at a rate of $10 per hour.

Other business at the meeting included a report by Clare County Commissioner Lynn Grim who reported on budget problems and the development of programs including food trucks and a soup kitchen for the needy and also free local dental care through a mobile unit. She said Margie Clark and Sharon Williams were developing the “Stone Soup” kitchen project in three phases.

Carolyn Welsh, new President of the board at the Farwell Senior Center, announced a Thanksgiving Dinner on November 20 at 2 p.m. To attend call 588-4669.

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