Country music festival hits high note

June 21, 2013

By Genine Hopkins

Harmony Hill’s “Oh, Hill Yeah” Country Music Festival hit a HIGH note on Saturday, June 15, 2013, as local Michigan musicians lit up the stage with a variety of musical genres. Clare and Gladwin County residents were pleased to see local talent showcased, with Derek Winter, Brenda Loomis, Brandon Calhoon and Kari Lynch Band all playing to a very receptive audience.

The weather held out for attendees, although a bit of rain threatened, it was a beautiful day and evening as the acts began to hit the stage around noon. Shuttle rides were available for the jaunt from parking to the venue, and once inside the gates, there was a cornucopia of fun filled events in addition to the music, to keep concert goers busy.

The vibe was very positive and the reviews were beyond excellent. Harmony Hill’s choice of showcasing Michigan talent may not have packed the stands, but it did a lot to overcome the negative connotation the former Mott Mountain had created with the previous owner. It also went a long way to offer these uber talented musicians an opportunity to get their music out there, and there was not one performance throughout the whole day that didn’t knock it out of the ball park!

“There is sooo much local talent in this area and this was important to open with an opportunity for these musicians to play this venue,” said one concert goer, “This really goes a long way in setting the tone for this venue and we’ll BE BACK!”

In addition to the wonderful sets played by the groups, there were kids’ activities, booths occupied by many local businesses, and food that was served up by Harmony Hill employees. As the shuttles transported guests to the gate, everyone commented on what beautiful grounds Harmony Hill has. The natural beauty of Michigan’s Clare County was definitely showcased, and helped to provide the right ambiance for the day’s events.

The main acts – Kari Lynch and Frontier Ruckus – took to the stage as twilight and night set in, and their amazing shows capped off the evening well.

“These guys are all gonna be stars,” gushed several teenage girls who attended, “We can say we saw them back when!”

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