County approves transport van for Sheriff Department

March 16, 2017

By John Raffel

The budget remains of primary concern for the Clare County Board of Commissioners who had their monthly meeting on Wednesday.

Commission chairman Karen Lipovsky announced the commission will on April 4 and 5 have strategic meetings concerning budgetary matters.

Commissioners will meet in the morning, then we’ll leave and department heads are coming in the afternoon,” Lipovsky said. “We’re trying to put everybody’s ideas together so we can get a handle on the budget and not end up like some counties have. We’re not bad and we don’t want to get that way.”

The commission, at Wednesday’s meeting, allowed the Clare County Sheriff’s Department to buy a transport van for the jail.
Lipovsky said the commission voted down a motion to approve the sheriff department’s bid to hire more part-time court security deputies but not to exceed the hours to be worked in conjunction with health care and retirement program needs.

“The commissioners want to analyze the budget before they allow them to hire anybody,” Lipovsky said.

Kathy Methner from MMDC reported on what’s been done for Middle Michigan Development Co.

“A lot of it has to do with the Farmer’s Market, and the skate park they’ll be putting in,” Lipovsky said.

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