County Primary proposal results

August 10, 2012

Three pass, two fail

Clare City voters approved a .75 mill renewal to support the Parks and Recreation program over the next ten years. The vote was 297 in favor and just 91 against the renewal overall. The millage will generate $64,368.47 in the first year to fund improvements to the City’s parks and facilities.

Lincoln Township voters approved two millage proposals on the Primary ballot. The first was a ten-year renewal, restoration and increase to 1.5 mills of the fire protection millage, approved by a vote of 149 to 133. The 1.25 original millage rate had been reduced to 1.1956 mills by the Headlee Amendment rollbacks. The approval will raise $156,531.24 for fire protection in the first year.

The second ballot proposal was a ten-year 1.25 mill renewal and increase (restoration of Headlee rollbacks) for law enforcement services in the township. It was approved 149 to 131 and will raise $130,484.36 in the first year.

In Frost Township, voters turned down two millage proposals; the first 1.5 mills for general operating purposes, and the second for the approval of .95 mills for eight years which will allow the township to be a member of the Harrison District Library.

The general operating millage was for ten years and would have added $65,522.00 to the township coffers in 2012. The millage to join the library district would have added $41,700.00 to library funds and enabled township residents to use the Harrison District Library.

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