Couple asks city to pay for sewer backup

July 19, 2013

“We are totally appreciative of living in Clare,” Cathy Rendel said, “after living abroad for many years. We understand the city thinks their sewer was working. We are sort of pleading with you. This money is way beyond what we can take care of. We will still support the city regardless of your decision.”

Commissioner and former Department of Works Superintendent Bob Bonham said the problem may have come from some “footing drains” illegally tied into the city sewer system. Footing drains, he said, are a drainage system around the outside of a basement. “They (the Rendels) couldn’t have flushed that much water. I disagree that they are responsible.”

He continued, “The city has paid sewer claims before that the insurance denied. I can’t see us paying some people and denying others.”

Kingsbury said he was told by City Manager Ken Hibl that there have been two instances of a similar problem. “The bottom line is we need to find out what happened. If we find out there is responsibility for the City, we will take responsibility.”

Mayor Pat Humphrey agreed, saying, “are going to find out about this. We aren’t going to let this go.”

Other business at the City meeting included:

*Approval of ordinance changes adding minimum square footage requirements for homes, rental units and commercial properties.

*Approval of another extension to the Teamsters Supervisory Unit contract. Kingsbury said he expected the contract negotiations to be complete soon.

*Approval of the slate of candidates for re-election to the MML Workers’ Compensation Fund Board of Trustees.

*Re-Appointment of Judy Brankel to the City Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and Dean Doherty to the Downtown Development and Brownfield Redevelopment Authorities.

*A report that the City of Clare has received confirmation from DTE Energy awarding the City a $10,000 grant towards moving the railroad depot.

*Information that US-10 Car Cruise will be held August 3, starting in Clare.

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