Courthouse gets new defibrillator

By Cathy Taylor

County Commissioner Dale Majewski with Brett Hansen.

County Commissioner Dale Majewski with Brett Hansen.

Brett Hansen, Operations Manager for Mobile Medical Response Inc. in Clare County, addressed the Clare County Board of Commissioners at their March 20 meeting with updated information for the residents of Clare County.

Since the closing of the United Rescue Service, Hansen has received calls from citizens as well as township officials seeking reassurance that their medical emergency needs will be covered by MMR. Hansen assured the Board that all of Clare County will receive medical emergency coverage by MMR.

Hansen also stated that MMR will continue to honor anyone with an existing subscription to United Rescue’s co-pay membership program until August 31, 2013. He reminded the Board that MMR offers the same type of program, called MMR Plus, which is actually $26.00 less per year for those who would like to continue with this type of co-pay program.

Hansen also informed the Board that the first week in June is National CPR Week. In honor of CPR Week, MMR donated an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to the Board. The $1300 unit will be permanently located at the Clare County Courthouse.

If you would like more information about the MMR Plus program, you can visit their website at

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