Dam breaks – widespread flooding

May 23, 2014

Flooding at Silver Lake Photo by Carl Parks

Flooding at Silver Lake
Photo by Carl Parks

By  Pat Maurer

A private dam on Owl Lake in Lincoln Township burst May 16, flooding Hemlock Road, Silver Lake and Doc and Tom Lake at Lake of the Pines.

Clare County Drain Commissioner Carl Parks said he believed it was about a ten acre lake that completely drained when the dam burst. The property is on the corner of Browns Road and Silver Lake Drive.

The water from the private lake first drained into Silver Lake and the Doc and Tom Lake at Lake of the Pines. Several areas around the Silver Lake area were flooded and water was reported running over Hemlock Road near North Road.

The Clare County Road Commission was contacted to put up hazard signs and barrels warning people of the danger from the flood waters. Clare County Emergency Manager Jerry Becker, the Department of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Quality and Lincoln Township officials were also notified, Parks reported.

The dam at Lake of the Pines was opened to release some of the floodwaters, which were still running over the road Wednesday, Parks said.

Parks reported that the owner of Owl Lake and the dam said he heard a loud noise Friday night around 6 p.m. and believes that is when the dam burst. Parks said the dam was built by beavers.

Parks said two or three homes had some flooding on the property. “There wasn’t any property damage,” Parks said, “but I don’t know about road damage. When I checked there was still some water running across the road. The DEQ has been called and will investigate the cause of the break,” he added.

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