Despite incentives, revenue sharing drops in Clare

September 6, 2012

By Pat Maurer

Review Correspondent


Clare Treasurer Steven Kingsbury reported Tuesday evening that “The City is ‘right on track’ to comply with the new State Economic Vitality Incentive Program (EVIP) requirements to qualify for the discretionary portion of State Revenue Sharing.

Despite that assurance, he told the City Commission that while the “Constitutional portion has increased slightly over the past fourteen years, the amount of Statutory funding has dropped by more than $150,000 over the past ten years, from a 2002 total of $215,721 to a $65,684 amount for 2012.

He presented a chart showing the Revenue Sharing disbursement since 1997-98.

Kingsbury said the new requirements included financial transparency, collaboration for consolidation of services and multi-year budgeting.

In his City Manager’s report Ken Hibl said the designation of Old U.S. 27 as a historic route has been accomplished in Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky. Promoters are attempting to have the road from Cheboygan, Michigan to Miami Florida named a historic highway similar to Route 66. Signage for the route in Michigan is estimated to cost $10,000, and downtown Clare has been chosen as a display location for engraved bricks with the historic designation. The bricks would be sold as a fundraiser and replace the downtown brick pavers, with the approval of the Clare DDA/Main Street Board. 

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the Central Michigan District Health Department met August 17 and outlined parameters for private wells in the vicinity of the Hatton Township Landfill contamination plume. Hibl had reported last month that a request had come from new property owners in the area for water well.

Hibl also asked the Commission to allow him to write a letter expressing concern over Isabella County dropping their zoning, a measure they are considering as a cost-saving measure.

The issue of dogs in the Cherry Grove Cemetery was scheduled at a special meeting Thursday. Requests from family members of those buried in Cherry Grove to prohibit dog walking there, has stirred some controversy. The Cemetery Board will meet and make a recommendation about the matter.


Other business at the Clare City meeting included a public hearing, and approval to abandon 210 feet at the end of Cleveland Street. The right-of-way is unused and would revert to adjoining property owners.

The Commissioner also:

*designated Mayor Pat Humphey as the Michigan Municipal League voting delegate at the annual meeting;

*approved a postage meter rental agreement with Neopost/Hasler saving nearly $700 annually.

*approved an amendment adding sludge liner rehabilitation and SCADA upgrades, an expense of $19,500 to the Waste Water Treatment Plant Improvement Project.

*approved payment of $10,753.05 to J. Ranck Electric Inc. for work at the WWTP Capital Improvement Project.

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