Drama students to direct skits

January 24, 2019

By Ryan Reed, intern

In Clare High School, Drama 3 will be holding another play. What’s interesting about this play is that it will be directed by the students. The student directors are Kaila Langlois, Rease Tank, and Cassidy Richardson. Another thing worth mentioning is that this play will be targeted for the High School students and the students who are in Middle School or lower will be prohibited from seeing the play.

1-25-19 CHS Drama Presents Student Directed Play

The entire play will be split into three different skits. Kayla Langlois has her group doing a skit where ghost hunters look for ghost in a slaughter house and encounter some weird things. Rease Tank is having her group do a skit based off an asylum. This skit is about how some individuals got into a mental asylum and gets crazier as it goes on. These events are depicted, they mean no disrespect to anyone. Cassidy Richardson is having her group do a comedic play that takes place in a zombie apocalypse and the survivors have to, well, survive.

The main goal here is to show how far students have gone to the point that they can direct a functioning play on their own. While the teacher, Mrs.Beatty, will make sure there’s nothing inappropriate to do or show to students, everything else is up to the student directors.

Performances will be held January 25th for the High School students and January 26th for the public to see. By coming to see this play, you would be supporting the Drama program and even the school itself. Also, you will give the students a bigger audience to help support their possible dreams of becoming actors/actresses.

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