Explosion may be cause of Central Concrete blaze

January 28, 2016

Central Concrete’s mixing facility in Mt. Pleasant was gutted by fire January 23. Photo by Autrey Allen Putnam

Central Concrete’s mixing facility in Mt. Pleasant was gutted by fire January 23.
Photo by Autrey Allen Putnam

By Pat Maurer

Three Fire Departments fought a blaze at Central Concrete’s mixing facility at 900 Bradley Street in Mt. Pleasant January 23. The building was extensively damaged by the fire.

The Mt. Pleasant Fire Department was called to the scene at 7:46 a.m. after a mechanic in the Fisher transportation shop nearby heard what might have been an explosion and then saw flames.
When firefighters arrived, they found the Central Concrete building had a partially collapsed roof with smoke and flames showing. Firefighters did not attempt to enter the building but fought the blaze from outside.

Central Concrete President Kyle White told the Morning Sun that he thinks the fire could have caused by a gas line. The building was empty at the time of the fire and no employees were injured. One firefighter outside the building was injured, however, when he was hit in the face by an object and required stitches.
Offices for Central Concrete are in a separate building on the property and were not damaged. White also told the Sun that a portable plant would be brought in Monday and reported that they would be running again in a few days. Because it is winter the business loss will be much less than it would be during their busy season in the warmer months, he said.

The Fire Department had the fire under control by 9 a.m. but remained on the scene until approximately 11:40 a.m.

Agencies assisting at the fire included Shepherd Tri-Township Fire Department, the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Fire Department, Mobile Medical Response Ambulance Service, Mt. Pleasant Police, Isabella County Sheriff’s Deputies and the Michigan Department of Transportation. The Deerfield Fire Department was on standby in case of another fire or emergency for the Mt. Pleasant Fire Department.

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