Explosion uncovers meth lab

June 6, 2014

6-6-14 Deer Trail DSCN0327By Pat Maurer

An explosion at the Deer Trail Motel in Harrison in the early morning hours Tuesday led to the discovery of ingredients used to cook meth at the scene.

Clare County Deputies were called to the North Clare Avenue address around 1:30 a.m. June 3, and found a pop bottle that appeared to have exploded and components for cooking meth inside a room.

The motel has been owned by Jim and Rosalind Swanson for the past 22 years.  According to 9 & 10 news the couple stay in the room next to the one where the explosion took place and said the explosion caused their room to “shake.”

No one was injured in the blast. Police are investigating the incident and may be looking for suspects that were involved in the drug operation.

One occupant of the motel room where the blast took place, 30 year-old Jason Robert West, was arrested on an unrelated charge, a parole violation, Clare County corrections officers said. He was lodged at the Clare County Jail pending a meeting with his parole officer and possible charges. West was paroled on a 6-20 year sentence from an Isabella County charge for first degree home invasion, assaulting a police officer, upscounding or forfeiting bond and possession of weapons with unlawful intent.

Clare County deputies were assisted at the scene by the Michigan State Police, Harrison Fire Department and Mobile Medical Response Ambulance Service.

Further information was not available.

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