Facebook page blasts local newspaper

September 23, 2011

By Pat Maurer

Review Correspondent

A Facebook page has been developed objecting to “unfair” reporting by the Clare Sentinel.

Carl Bryans of Clare said he developed the site “to put it out there and make people aware of it.” He said he feels the paper has an “agenda” against the City of Clare.

Bryan opened the site, “Boycott the Clare Sentinel and Rosemary Horvat,” on August 24 after extensive negative coverage of the police and other Clare City departments.

The site now has 50 members.

One post from Sean Duffy, formerly of Clare, on August 29 said, “I was in Clare and noticed several articles about the police department. After reading the articles, it did not appear to me that I was reading any sort of legitimate news, but rather was reading the ramblings of someone on a witch hunt…news should be reported fairly and without bias and I don’t believe the Sentinel is doing this.”

“They are giving the City a black eye,” Bryans said. “They are bashing the people that serve them in a time of need.” He said he believes the editors may have a hidden agenda. “I wanted to know if other people thought so too. We all complain. It’s time for people to voice their opinion.”

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