Fall Car Care Tips


Before long, the weather is going to change and you will want to ensure your vehicle is ready to tackle the road in terms of safety and maintenance. In numerous parts of the country, leaves will begin to fall and children will return to school. When preparing for the road ahead, consider some of the following tips for maintaining your car for the damp and dreary weather that is coming your way.

Prepare Your Vehicle with a Full Check-Up

As the fall weather makes its way into the area, it is critical you have the following items looked at by a professional: cables and terminals, battery, air filters, belts and hoses, fluids and windshield wipers. When checking fluids, make sure to include antifreeze, brake, oil, power steering, windshield washer and transmission.

Check Out Your Tires

Do your tires exhibit signs of uneven tread wear? If so, you might be dealing with wheels that are not aligned properly, tires that are not balanced or tires that are not properly inflated. It is crucial you check the pressure in your tires with an approved tire gauge on a monthly basis. Regular inspection of the tread depth is imperative. During the fall months, it is even more important to ensure your tread is at its best to help when driving on wet and slippery roadways.

Make Sure Your Lights and Signals are Operating Properly

Beyond fall bringing about weather that many people dread, there is also the forthcoming of daylight savings time. Since there is a shorter amount of daytime than before, you will want to ensure your signals, taillights and headlights are working properly and exhibiting the proper amount of light.

Talk with Your Teenager

Do you have a teenager in your home? Are you worried about them driving on the roads during the fall months? Even though you cannot teen-proof the entire neighborhood, you can speak with your teenager about the importance of driving safely when heading to school.

Not only will all of these tips help ensure the life of your vehicle, but they will also help to make sure that you and your loved ones are safe when on the road during the fall months. Preparing your vehicle for the approaching cold means taking small, albeit necessary, steps to ensure your vehicle is properly maintained and ready to handle the impending changes in temperature and driving conditions.