Families in need sending wishes in

November 26, 2014

The following letters are only a few of the dozens we have received so far. In the weeks ahead we will be fulfilling some of the wishes, thanks to the generosity of the area businesses. If you would like to help, email us at info@clarecountyreview.com.

Any help is appreciated
Hello, I read your post on face book to write a letter for help around the holidays my husband works but it just isn’t enough to pay the bills and fill the propane tank also…I am nervous about running out before the hard winter hits and my two boys have breathing problems and with no heat it will make it worse….is there any way you could help us with a propane fill? I would ever so much appreciate it.

Help for a family member
Dear Mike, I am writing this letter in regards to my niece. 2 months ago her son age 20 took his life. Since then with funeral expenses and others she has gotten behind on many bills and mortgage payments. She wasn’t working and her husband had to take time off to help her get through the funeral. She started a new job this week working part time at the Farwell schools but with winter and the holidays a part time job is just not enough. I’m not sure what if any help you can get for her but my wish or wishes is for help with her bills and groceries. She has an 18 year old daughter at home to. She has been so depressed over all this and I’m not financially able to help her. It’s just getting to overwhelming and she thinks that no-one cares. I do and it hurts knowing she’s going through all this and I can’t help her. She struggles ever day just to get to work with no money for gas too. And not knowing where her next meal will come from. She has no idea that I am sending this letter. But I do know she would appreciate any and everything you could do for her. Merry Christmas

A nice Christmas for my granddaughter
Dear Mike, I read your article in the Clare County Review. I know that you will get thousands of letters and I appreciate you reading mine. I am a 63 year old and my granddaughter and my great granddaughter live with me. We are struggling like most people these days.
I moved back here to the Clare area because my mom is blind and my dad is deaf and they needed my help with taking them to the doctors, shopping, etc. When I moved here I brought very little with me…we will not have a Christmas tree or any presents as my social security is all that we live on. My granddaughter has just applied for the online school of Kaplin University and has been accepted. My request is that you might be able to help with Christmas for my great granddaughter she is only 3 months old and she is growing out of most of the clothes that we have been able to get for her. If you find it in your heart to help, she is in size 6 months and in need of PJ’s; she is also in need of diapers size 2.
Again, thank you so much for reading my letter.

First time requesting help
Dear Mike, This is my first time writing a letter to request assistance. To be honest, I was hesitant to send this e-mail because I’m sure there are other families in Clare County that are in greater need. I recently lost my job for a few months and unfortunately was denied unemployment, so we fell behind with bills, including rent. We are still 3 months behind in rent but are fortunate enough to have a patient and understanding landlord. I would like to ask for assistance with our propane for the winter. We are still paying off Ferrell Gas from last winter (we owe $600). We cannot get a fill from Ferrell until we pay off the $600 balance. We have been using a 100 lb. propane tank, which we have to constantly refill (about every 7 to 10 days). I would like to request assistant with our outstanding bill with Ferrell Gas. Any amount would help out. I would be happy to donate the $ back to your assistance fund once we get back on track financially so that another family can be helped. Again, I’m sure there are other families with greater needs, but thought I would at least see if we would be considered. I can provide documentation if you’d like.
Thank you for your consideration and for making a difference for our families in need in Clare County.






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