Farwell approves $360,000 budget

By Pat Maurer

In a 6-0 vote with Village President Steven Grim absent, The Farwell Village Council tentatively adopted the 2014-15 budget at Monday’s regular meeting and set February 26 at 6 p.m. for the Public Hearing and final adoption of the budget.

General Fund Expenses were listed at $360,379 and revenues were $339,523.

Other funds included:

-Major Street revenues at $130,325 and expenses at $129,876.

-Local Street revenues at $49,250 and expenses at $157,060.

-Sewer Fund revenues at $173,705 and expenses at $180,833.

-Water Fund revenues at $161,819 and expenses at $149,026.

In another matter the Council rescinded a motion approved in January “to approve the cooperative agreement with Surrey Township and Farwell Area Schools for liaison officer and to keep a patrol car in the area at a cost of $5,700 per entity.”

The wording was changed and they approved another motion, “to approve the law enforcement agreement between Surrey Township, Farwell Area Schools and the Village with the Clare County Sheriff’s Department to provide a part-time deputy for extra patrol services within the jurisdiction for no more than 40 hours per week commencing January 15 through the end of the school year, with the Village to pay no more than $5,700 for this purpose during the term.”

Other business at the Village meeting included:

*Approval of Department of Public Trainings including Wastewater Lagoon in Barryton for $255; Spring Regional on April 16 for two employees at $95 each; Math for Water on April 10 for two employees at $125 each.

*Approval of the Quilt Block Design Competition application and dates, with a $100 prize for the selected design.

*Approved the payment of bills totaling $31,817.79.

Other motions made at the Village’s Committee of the Whole (COW) meeting included:

*approval for Village Clerk Janet Conlay to attend the Michigan Municipal Treasurers Association’s Public Finance Seminar and Spring Seminar on March 6 and 7 with costs of $149 for registration and $98.50 for lodging.

*approval of a $75 payment from the Farm Market to renew the Michigan Farmer’s Market Association membership.

*approval of $100 registration fees and overnight lodging, mileage and meals for each of two people to attend the March 4th and 4th Michigan Farmers Market Conference in Lansing.

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