Farwell CMU senior publishes third book

August 31, 2017

By Pat Maurer

Lacey Dailey of Farwell is a very unusual and talented young lady.

Besides attending Central Michigan University as a senior this year, with a full load and while handling a major in Communications and two minors, one in Leadership and one in Management, she has found time to write three novels – all this year!

All three are about what she calls “Contemporary Romance.”

She said she even loves Facebook posts about romances and weddings.

Author Lacey Dailey of Farwell shows copies of her first two books, both published this year. Her newest novel will be available September 7.

Author Lacey Dailey of Farwell shows copies of her first two books, both published this year. Her newest novel will be available September 7.

When she isn’t in class, or reading, she is most likely teaching dance classes at the small dance studio she grew up in or making pizzas at her mother’s pizzeria.
She said she loves reading. “I’ve been reading since I was little. I got into romance in high school. That led to wanting to write a book. She said she will read a book any chance she can get. While she loves all types of books, romance will always be her favorite genre.

“Everyone tells me I am really cheesy and sappy,” she said. “I’m fine with that. I’m a sucker for a good love story.” She loves reading them, watching movies and anything else published that includes a good romance.

Lacey’s love for reading and romance what inspired her to embark on the crazy adventure that was writing her first novel “Extraordinary You.”

When I told my boyfriend (Tristan Shimmons also from Farwell) my bucket list included wanting to write a novel, he said, ‘What are you waiting for?’”

That’s when I decided to write. She published her debut book, “Extraordinary You,” about a high school couple’s romance, on March 21. She released her second book, “Tattoos on my Mind,” about a young college couple’s romance, on July 22nd.

Now she will be releasing her third book September 7th, titled “You First,” again about an early college relationship.

“All my books have happy endings,” she said, “that’s really important to me.”

Lacey is self-publishing her books, although she calls the process “Indie” meaning “on my own. “It’s not quite the same,” she said.

Tristan designed her book covers, and along with a few others, was one of the only people she told when she was writing the first book.

“My Mom was shocked when she found out,” she said. “I didn’t tell very many people until the first one was published.”

Lacey’s Mom is Andrea (Buccilli) Dailey. She owns Buccilli’s Pizza in Farwell. Lacey is a 2018 honors graduate from Farwell High School.

When she graduates from CMU next spring, Lacey wants to work for a publishing company in marketing or public relations. “I would like to stay with books,” she said.

Her first two novels are available to purchase at all major book retailers including, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Scribd, Playster, Tolino, and several more. Her third will be available next week. All are available in both paperback copy or as an eBook copy so it can be read on a Kindle or iPad.

She loves feedback from all readers who take a chance on her novels. You can find her on Facebook, or email her at laceydaileybooks@gmail.com.

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