Farwell discusses adding liquor inspections

September 6, 2013

By Pat Maurer

The Farwell Village Council is looking at taking over liquor inspections in the Village.

Zoning Officer Rod Williams brought the matter to the Council Monday evening. “I have the training to do this and I am doing it for Surrey Township,” he told board members.

License fees would fund the work. The Clare County Sheriff’s Department used to do the inspections but hasn’t for the past couple of years. Some inspections are handled by the Michigan State Police, but the Liquor Control Commission requires inspections monthly.

Williams said there are presently five businesses in the Village that have liquor licenses. He said there is a list of rules he would have to follow.

Village Clerk Janet Conlay said the is a Liquor Control Compliance form that has to be submitted by the end of October.
Surrey Township Clerk Glenna Bradbury said, “My concern is teenage drinking. This gives the Village more control.” If the Village decides to have Williams handle the duties, an ordinance would have to be developed. Council member Barb Roe said she thought it would be a good idea and made a motion to proceed with an ordinance. There was no second to the motion and she withdrew it.

The Council decided to look into the matter and the costs and make a decision on whether they want to do it at the Committee of the Whole Meeting.

During the regular meeting Monday, the Farwell Village Council increased their expense budgets in the general fund for k$4,050; in Major Streets for $2,332; in Local Streets for $117; in the sewer budget for $65,048; and in the water fund for $79,387.

The adjustments were part of the Consent Agenda on motions made at the Committee of the Whole meeting August 20 and in part will provide funds for training, a new printer/computer, office work, newspaper notices and tax printing and other matters.

Two online courses for clerk certification, participation in the Clare County Leadership Institute and attending the MERS Annual meeting were included in the budget increases.

Other action in the Consent Agenda included purchase of a portable radio for Code Enforcement Officer safety in partnership with Surrey and Hayes Township. Total cost to the Village will be $793.75.

The Council also approved the purchase of a master cylinder and two hydraulic cylinders for the Blue Blade Truck at a total cost of $1,031.50.

Also approved was a motion for Weinlander Fitzhugh’s $350. cost to assist with completion of the Accountability and Transparency Citizen’s Guide requirement to qualify for EVIP Revenue Sharing.

County Commissioner Lynn Grim reported on upcoming events including the September 21 Sheriff’s Auction; Ground Breaking on September 13 for the new Central Michigan District Health Department and new Dental Clinic; Work Site Wellness and County Health ranking at the Doherty on September 17; and a September 12 Summit for Broad Band for small businesses at the Clare-Gladwin RESD.

Other business included a DPW report by James Conlay that the new roof for the Pole Barn is nearly done and a report from Williams that there have been requests from Village residents for speed limit signs around the school. He suggested looking into acquiring a radar trailer for the area.

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