Farwell down 58 students

With the loss of 58 students in the Farwell School District’s 4th Wednesday student count this September, the district stands to lose about $300,000 in state funds according to the unofficial school count.

Superintendent Carl Seiter said, “We are almost certainly looking at cuts in the budget.” He said the count tallied 1,430 students overall compared to 1,488 students counted in September 2012. The alternative school, Timberland lost five students, white the Middle School was down 27 and the High School was down by 26 students. The Elementary School, Seiter said, remained about the same.

Harrison’s unofficial count, 1,483 is down nine students from the official auditor’s numbers last spring of 1,492, for a loss of $62,000 in State Aid.  According to the numbers at the individual buildings, Larson Elementary is down about 11, Hillside Elementary is down by four, Harrison Middle School is down by seven and the High School and Alternative Education remained about the same.

Clare Schools’ unofficial count for the fourth Wednesday in September was not available. The Superintendent’s office did not release the information, saying they would prefer to wait until the official audit count.

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