Farwell mural refurbished, re-dedicated

October 19, 2017

10-20-17 Re-Dedication of Mural on Field House 02

During the summer of 2008, two high school art students, Emily Rohdy and Shelby Hurley, spent many hours designing and painting a large scale eagle on the Field House in memory of Don Perry.  The dedication took place on September 8, 2008.

During the refurbishing process that occurred at the complex, the mural was painted over.  Over the past year, the members of the Eagle Pride Committee spent time trying to recreate the students’ work.  Mrs. Beth Chapo, retired Art and English teacher at FHS, volunteered to duplicate their piece of art.  Ironically, she was also Emily and Shelby’s art teacher at the time they did the piece.  Mrs. Chapo completed current the mural shown in the picture.

The Perry family and Mrs. Chapo were present for the rededication ceremony on October 13 prior to the homecoming game.

Without Don Perry’s tireless efforts to fund-raise to build the field house, the building would not be there today.  Don never wanted any accolades for his volunteer work.  Don spent many hours raising money which included putting on numerous Friday night fish suppers.  He also was a huge help with the Farwell Wrestling Program.

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