Farwell Parks to develop Master Plan

By Pat Maurer

Review Correspondent

April 25 at 6:30 p.m. is the date set for public input into the plans to develop a Master Plan for Parks and Recreation in the Village.

Village Pro-tem President Gina Hamilton told the Village Council about the meeting and said they were all invited to the meeting to begin the process for a five year plan. Having a Master Plan will make the Village eligible for a number of grant opportunities, she said. Key leaders of the community will be invited to the meeting. “We want to make sure everyone is considered in the planning,” she said.

The Village will also be updating the Village Master Plan soon. In a special meeting March 21, the board approved contracting with Rowe Professional Services for $800 to draft, assemble and submit a Central Michigan District Health Department Planning Grant Application for funds to update the Village Master Plan.

Another special meeting may be scheduled soon, a workshop to discuss upgrading employee policies and outlining procedures to deal with village resident’s questions and complaints.  Council member Jamie Conlay said, “They (the office staff) shouldn’t have to defend what they have to do. That’s our job.” Another issue that has recently come before the Council is problems with utility payments from renters. “I believe landlords should be responsible for utility payments not tenants,” Elton Marshall said.

Village President Steve Grim said the meeting date would be set later.

As part of the Consent Agenda, the Council approved a cathodic protection program service agreement with Corr-Pro for an annual inspection costing $720; appointed Larry Schofield and Greg Butcher to the Planning Commission for three –year terms and authorized the Department of Public Works to remove the large tree in the playground and grind the stump.

That led to another discussion about things proposed by the Parks and Recreation Committee. Council Member Barb Roe said, “I would like for us to be able to do things in the park without coming to the board with every single thing.” Grim said, “We have to be cautious about changes and not make people upset.” A report to the Village including a list of things the Parks and Rec committee would like to do was suggested.

In new business, the Council approved three resolutions dealing with approval for fireworks and setting dates for parades in the Village and approving an agreement with the Michigan Department of Transportation for use of the highway through the Village for parades.

A request from Village Clerk/Treasurer Janet Conlay was also approved to purchase a second monitor for her computer.

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