Farwell pilot for new learning program

January 16, 2014

Joan Le Vier was selected to help with the Technology Readiness Infrastructure Grant (TRIG) through The Greater Michigan Education Consortium (GMEC).   The purpose of the Classroom Readiness Professional Development Program is to build the capacity of Michigan educators to effectively plan and implement online assessments and “Any Time, Any Place, Any Way, Any Pace” learning through increasing technology proficiency.  Farwell High School is a pilot site and Joan Le Vier, Jill Albaugh, and Andy Frisch are coaches at the pilot site.  All teachers in the pilot site will complete a blended technology course using elements of best practice instruction.  This commitment started on August 2013 and ends June 2014.

The TRIG training will help Farwell High School learn how to prepare for the new national curriculum standards Michigan lawmakers recently adopted called Common Core Standards.  The standards will make it easier for districts to be compared with the progress of schools in other states.  This test puts more emphasis on real-life applications.  The national curriculum and test will replace the MEAP and MME assessments and will be online.  The purpose of the TRIG grant is to teach Farwell teachers and students how to better prepare for the test.

Each test will be individualized so if a student is successful, the test becomes harder.  If a student doesn’t grasp a concept well enough, then the test would be adjusted and become easier.  This assessment is supposed to test individual levels of understanding.  Nearly all 50 states and several US territories have adopted the Common Core State Standards.

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