Farwell Students of Character

May 31, 2013

5-31-13 Farwell Students of Character APRIL MAY SOC












Farwell Students of Character April and May
Front: Cloe James, Ashlee Ackerman, Noah Thompson, Amber Flowers, Jozzline Sharrow, Kylee Donelson, Paige Hansen, Amaris Joseph, Brennan Moore, Jordan Kosnik, and Sawyer Shepherd.
Middle: Kyleigh Kilgore, Erica Urivez, Sheila Larson, Hannah Miner, Raeleigh Baugher, Hunter Conn, Curtis Brashaw, Alex Goodson, Kyleigh Hamacher, Kylee Kihn, Ciara Brooks, Ashlin Raper, Madison Emmendorfer and Jazmine Lopez.
Back: Jassmine Warner, Anthony Elsea, Alana Gaskill, Noah Wrona, Austin Lake, James Tipton, Alisha Higgins, Jazmine Garcia, Savanhah Brennan, Kenzie Middleton, Sofia Hill, and Braden Jones.

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