Farwell to apply for infrastructure grant

August 16, 2013

By Pat Maurer

Thomas Bihlmeyer, Vice President of Wade Trim, was at the Farwell Village Council meeting August 5th to recommend his company prepare a SAW (storm water, asset management and wastewater) grant which could provide 100 percent funding for infrastructure projects that qualify.

He said the program is new, but a draft application form is available and communities can now apply for funds. He estimated the costs to prepare the application at $5,000 to $10,000 but would cap the amount at $2,000 if the application is not approved. He said if the Village is approved the application costs would be funded through the grant.

The Council gave their approval to have Wade Trim start the application process.

The Village also gave their approval for the purchase of a lagoon pump at a cost of $4,370 and two backhoe tires from low bidder Bob’s Tire at a cost of $1,274.00.

As part of the Consent Agenda from the Committee of the Whole meeting, the board approved $1,070 for an electric motor for the Waste Water Treatment Plant to replace one that had been hit by lightning.

The board next approved eight additional hours for Village Zoning Officer Rod Williams, who is helping the Department of Public Works.

Williams is filling in while the department is shorthanded. The Village Council voted in July to terminate the employment of DPW Supervisor John Koch and hasn’t replaced him as yet. James Conlay also reported that former DPW Supervisor Aaron Moline will help get the Village ready for the holiday.

The Council will review the additional hours for Williams at the September 24 meeting.

Committee appointments recommended  by Village President Steve Grim and approved at the meeting included:

*On DPW – Elton Marshall, Jamie Conlay and Justin Colosky.
*On Finance – Elton Marshall, Gina Hamilton and Vicky Gunden.
*On Parks and Rec – Gina Hamilton, Barb Roe and Justin Colosky.
*On the Office Committee – Barb Roe, Gina Hamilton and Vicky Gunden.
*On the Farm Market Committee – Barb Roe, Gina Hamilton and Vicky Gunden.
*On the Planning Committee – Vicky Gunden and Steve Grim.
*On the LDFA – Gina Hamilton and Steve Grim.

The Council also approved bills totaling $20,169.69.

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