Farwell upset over loss of budget cut victim Moore

November 8, 2013

By Pat Maurer

Tim Moore

Tim Moore

Linda Hallam, the parent of a special needs Farwell Elementary student, said she is extremely upset over the coming layoff of Assistant Principal Tim Moore.

She said Moore had called her Wednesday to discuss a problem at the school and how he had handled it and then told her he would be laid off at the end of November due to budget cutbacks. “I was just shocked,” she said.

Because Farwell’s unofficial Fourth Wednesday (September) student count is down by 58 students, the district is facing approximately $300,000 in budget cuts this year.

Moore said he received the layoff notice last Thursday.  “It frustrates me because our numbers at Farwell Elementary are up and cuts are being made in a building that is growing.”

He said according the Mackinaw Report, Farwell Elementary has gone from the 16th percentile when he started as Principal in 2010 to the 41st percentile now. “I’m not satisfied with 41 percent,” he said, “but it shows that we are going in the right direction.”

Hallam agrees. “In three years, my son has gone from being a child with a lot of developmental, speech and physical problems to being almost a model child,” Hallam said, “and that is because of Tim Moore. He has been a big part of my son’s life. He is a wonderful man and the students love him. It is unbelievable how much he has done here.”

Moore said other budget cuts were also discussed at the Farwell Board of Education meeting Monday. “I believe some of the other cuts are the Middle School “choice room,” a Middle School counselor and the Assistant Athletic Director,” he said.

Hallam said, “I just don’t understand this. He (Moore) has kept this school together and done a great job. The Elementary School has more than enough students to keep him. He is an important part to this school system. Many improvements have been made over the last three years and I’m sure he has been a big part of it.”

Hallam continued, “Not only is a tough principal but he is a caring principal. The new principal (Laurie Warner) will be overwhelmed now, and who will take care of the children?”

Moore said it will be hard for Warner. “One person can’t do it. The government has added more and more regulations. You need two people to get everything done.”

He added, “It makes me feel good that I’ve had a positive impact with the parents and the students here at Farwell. I love what I do and the Assistant Principal position.”

Hallam said if Moore loses his job, she will be moving her son to another district under the “Schools of

“I’m not the only one,” she said. “I know of ten other parents who feel the same way I do. We are planning to get more community support and be at the next school board meeting. It just makes no sense that he is being laid off.”

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