Farwell’s Sills runs for MI governor

September 26, 2014

9-26-14 Rick Sills for Gov

By Pat Maurer

Farwell’s own Richard Sills has announced that he is running for Governor of Michigan as a write-in Independent candidate in the November election.

Rick, originally from Cincinnati, moved to mid-Michigan in 1983 and has lived in Farwell since 1985.

He said his platform includes getting the money out of state politics. “We the people need non bias policy decisions, untethered by financial contributions,” he wrote. “I call it $1,000 and down,” he said. “I’m not taking contributions. I am financing this campaign myself.”

“Politics is all about money,” he said. “My campaign is all about honest conversation not affected by lobbyists or contributors.” He continued, “Most candidates have to raise $10 to $15,000 in campaign contributions just to keep their job. It is like a habit they can’t break. Ninety-seven percent of the time the person with the most money wins. I would like to force an Article 5 Convention – eliminating campaign finance at the federal level. Let Michigan be the first state to push it and break the habit. It’s time to step-up,” he added.

He would also like to examine the benefits of a single payer state healthcare program. “This could eliminate the ‘for profit’ insurance companies that basically only provide a service – they broker the billing process.”

“This type of program could cut health care costs in half,” he said. “Obama Care allows 20 to 25 percent profit, not including the overhead. A single payer system through the state could eliminate this. It would be funded through the people. All of the population would be under the same program.”

He is also an advocate of alternative energy sources, and the use of industrial hemp. “This would be ‘green’ technology and would create jobs. It would also eliminate the use of industrial plastic.” He added, “Develop new green technologies, allowing competition in sustainable agriculture to replace products normally found in petroleum and plastic.

He supports the de-criminalization of marijuana for adults over 21. “It use is much less dangerous than alcohol,” he said. “He said it should be legalized and taxed with the proceeds earmarked for education as in some western states”

He added, “Our education system is broke. I think this is a nationwide program.” He said he advocates a later start time for students, between 9 and 10 a.m. “An earlier start wastes 20 to 30 percent of the day. It’s been proven that 87 percent of students are sleep deprived. They can’t learn as well in the mornings. Start school later and feed every student breakfast first. It’s the most important meal of the day.”

He said Michigan should have only public and private schools, but not charter schools. “As a parent and now grandparent, nothing is more important than a rounded education that prepares our children for times to come.”

Sills said he supports raising the minimum wage to $11 per hour in two stages, while maintaining a separate minimum wage for workers under 17 years old that are temporary and part-time employees.

He also said he is working on a plan to re-energize and create sustainable livelihoods for inner city residents and expressed his concern over the pollution of our atmosphere by petro chemical companies. “It’s scary,” he said. “Chemicals in our air affects our health, farming and the land itself.”

Sills is a former co-owner of meat procession facilities in Rosebush and Union City, Union City Meant and Grahams in Rosebush. He also was in the printing industry with Pendell Printing, leaving there to start a marketing and advertising firm, Image Assemblers of Sanford and Clare several years ago. He designed, developed and was a general contractor for HACCP, the required Federal program, “Hazard Analysis, Critical Control Points,” a safety program for meat processing plants. He has also been an ostrich farmer, raising the giant birds for meat. He said he still has a few on his Farwell farm. He still farms but has retired from his other endeavors.

He has a sister in Cincinnati and a daughter Sonya, who with her family recently moved to the Lake area. He has two grandchildren and a third expected in December, he said.

Sills said, “My first order of business as Governor is to remove the influence beyond the sole decisions of good people, using sound science and honest conversations to apply the legislation for Michigan.”


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