FHS program wins top state award

May 30, 2014

Farwell High School was recognized with an Education Excellence Award on Wednesday, May 14.  The Michigan Association of School Boards selected Farwell’s Credit-Based College Tuition and Early College transition programs as one of the top innovations in Michigan public schools.  According to the award publication, “Farwell High School leaders wanted to give students the tools to succeed at the college level by starting a credit-based college tuition program.  The goal is to maximize the number of students entering college and graduate 70 percent of students with 30 or more college credits.”

Lynnette Lentovich, Director of Farwell’s Early College Program, accepted the award on behalf of the staff.  In her acceptance speech she outlined the mentoring and individualized education provided to the students, as well as the variety of career pathways and numerous supports that Farwell has put in place.  Just as important, the program pays for all the college credits and even helps provide textbooks for Farwell students.  The current senior class, incorporating both the Credit-Based College Tuition and Early College Programs, have earned nearly 1,400 college credits, saving students and their families approximately over a half million dollars at the university level.

The Education Excellence Awards Program recognizes innovative programs that contribute meaningfully to improved achievement and success for all students.

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