Four win Farwell “Best of Show”

September 13, 2012

Each year the Farwell Labor Day Committee hosts a Home Arts competition at the Fairgrounds during the Labor Day Festival. Locals can bring in a variety of items to be judged such as jams, jellies, produce, fine arts, photography, sewing historical items and much more. Each year they give out  Best of Show awards for both adult and youth divisions.

Louisa Wilkinson earned a best of show award in the adult division at the Farwell Labor day exhibits. She presented a 3,000 piece hand sewn Yo Yo Quilt.

A Best of show award in the adult division  went to Bonnie Lassen for a grand clock named the Grand Cathedral.

Artist Tangie Kennedy received a Best of Show award in the youth division for her abstract sculpture.

A Best of Show Award in youth division went to Jordyn Bradley for her crayon painting.


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