Gelios elected BOC chair, LaBoda is Vice chair

January 3, 2013


By Cathy Taylor

Review Correspondent

Two new County Commissioners claimed their seats at the first scheduled Clare County Board of Commissioners meeting for 2013.


County Clerk Pamela Mayfield officially welcomed Dale Majewski and Rick LaBodato Board. She assured the two new members that everyone was looking forward to working with them and that the commission always has an open door policy. Majewski, representing District 1, and LaBoda, representing District 5, replaced outgoing board members Donald David and Jerry Burger.


As the first order of business at the Jan. 2nd meeting, a motion was made to appoint a new committee chairperson. Commissioners Karen Lipovsky and Jim Gelios were both nominated for the position. In a 4-3 vote by secret ballot, Jim Gelioswas appointed to the Chair position recently vacated by Donald David.


Following the appointment of the new Chairperson, nominations were accepted for the position of Vice Chair. Commissioner Karen Lipovsky and newly elected board member Rick LaBodawere nominated for the seat. LaBoda won the position by a 4-3 margin.


As the Chair and Vice Chair claimed their new seats, Jim Gelios took the opportunity to address the committee, thanking them for the opportunity to serve as Chairperson.


“I want to thank everybody for voting me chair of the meetings,” said Gelios. “But it’s going to be a consensus of the board as for what actions we will take. So keeping that in mind, if any commissioners have any issues they’d like to be brought up, submit them and we’ll put them on the Committee of the Whole right away.”


Gelios continued, “I know we have some issues facing us that we all need to look at. Probably one of the biggest issues we have is our shrinking fund balance. We’ll know more about that later, as far as how much money we’ll have to borrow. We borrowed 2.2 million last year to pay our debts. We’re hoping it won’t be much more than that, depending on what revenue we’ve got.


Gelios concluded by reminding the committee that they will tackle their missions as they arise. He stated, “We are all a part of it. We are all a part of the solution.”


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