Fund set up for fire victims

April 7, 2014

4-11-14 Tank and Madison - Courtesy of Gransden FamilyGabe Gransden had just dropped his daughter off when he noticed the fire trucks and followed them into town.  When he realized it was his own home that was fully engulfed in flames the first thought through his mind was his dog Tank. He jumped out of his vehicle and tried desperately to figure out how to get his dog out. Tank was trapped inside.

The family lost most of their belongings and their home has severe structural damage. Friends, family and the fire department were able to save some possessions. Still, the most heartbreaking loss was that of their beloved family dog Tank. Things can be replaced and their home repaired but there is nothing that can be done to ease the pain of the loss of their beloved pet.

The family of six is currently staying at the Doherty hotel in two rooms while their home is being rebuilt. The kids are enjoying the pool but for the adults the “walls are closing in” a bit according to Gabe Gransden. They are actively seeking a rental home. They have looked at a rental that would work for their family and are hoping all the details will work out quickly. They are looking forward to being able to move forward as a family.4-11-14 Interior of Gransden home after fire - Courtesy of Gransden Family

Gabe said he would personally like to thank the City of Clare for all of their help. Gabe and the entire family want to send out a special thank you to Mitch Canal who helped with the burial of Tank. Gabe also said, it’s (the fire) a terrible thing you would never want to happen to anybody but it has “restored his faith in the human race.” He can’t believe how many people he’s never even met or talked to that have been reaching out to his family in support. So many people have brought them clothes and items they need, and given their prayers and support.

4-11-14 Courtesy of Gransden familyThere is a way for Clare as a community to help this family out. Christine and Gabe’s family friend and co-worker, Rachel Crowley, has set up a Gransden Family House Fire Fund online. You can find details at You are able to see photographs, donate funds and receive email updates on the family’s well-being. Rachel’s goal was to raise $2,500.00 for the family to ease the cost of hotel living with four children. In four days alone the fund had reached $2,425.00 of that goal. It would be amazing to surpass this goal. This fund raiser will close once the goal is reached. However, you can still help this family.  There is a fund set up at Chemical bank for the Gransden family. You can stop at any Chemical bank and donate to this fund you just need to mention the Gransden family fire fund.

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