Grant increases board salaries, talks marijuana

March 16, 2017

By Pat Maurer

The last two board meetings at Grant Township have been busy ones.
At the February regular meeting, new business included a raise in salaries for both officers and trustees.
The Supervisor (Dan Dysinger), Clerk (Sue Wentworth) and Treasurer (Tammy Shea) were each given an approximately $1,000 increase in their annual salaries.
Dysinger’s salary will go to $924.51 monthly base plus $250 a month for hall maintenance from his previous salary of $841.18 base plus $250 per month hall maintenance.
Wentworth’s salary will increase to $1,449.96 a month from $1,302.45.
Shea’s monthly salary will increase to $1,059.76 plus $1.85 per parcel for summer tax collection from $976.43 and $1.85 per parcel.
Trustees Marge Bell and Dick Zinser will be paid an additional $42 per meeting raising their per-meeting total to $162.00 for the next year from their previous total of $128.70 per meeting.
Dysinger said, “Salaries have not changed since April 1 of 2015.  A recent analysis found our salaries in comparison to other Townships put the salary ranges at the low end of the scale.  The Board will also adjust salaries again in the 2018 / 2019 fiscal year to make them comparable to other Townships of like populations.”
Truck route signage also came up for discussion at the February meeting.
Residents had questioned that truck route signs should be on 115 to warn trucks of the new ordinance prohibiting trucks on Harrison Avenue.
Supervisor Dan Dysinger explained that signs were not on the road yet due to the permitting process and costs involved from the Michigan Department of Transportation. At the March meeting it was reported that four weighmaster citations had been issued and two truck permits issued for restricted Grant Township roads. Dysinger said he thought one citation had been issued.
The issue of marijuana grow facilities and distribution centers were a topic at both the February and March regular meetings.
In February County Commissioner Leonard Strouse reported that a proposal had been made at the Clare City Planning Commission for a marijuana grow farm in the industrial park.
In March the issue was discussed again after Strouse reported that an investment group had contacted the City and at their March 6 meeting present a proposal for a grow facility and a separate dispensary in the South Industrial Park. He said the grow facility could not go in the North Industrial Park due to the federal funding for construction of the park. He said he thought the investment group might be looking at Russell property for the grow facility and that they planned to put the dispensary just across from Benchley Brothers’ dealership.
Dysinger said the township had decided against allowing marijuana operations in the township.
Other business in March included a report from Dysinger that during the Board of Review Appeals meetings there were seven petitions, 12 Veterans exemptions and one poverty exemption presented.
The board approved an invoice to Sheridan Township for their share of the cost of the Building Program permits in the amount of $1,240.83 and approved a budget for the Building Inspector program at $28,568.
During Public Comment, resident Leanne Lickman expressed her concern over the noise level from the sawmill in her neighborhood on Gravel Ridge. She said the constant noise, lasting far into the night made it difficult to sleep and that she feels it will affect the value of the property in the area. She said that she had contacted OSHA and would report back to the board.
Dysinger said because the township is not zoned, that there is nothing that the board can do to alleviate the problem, but he thanked her for bringing her concerns to the board.
Budget workshops are scheduled for March 21 and March 28 at 7 p.m. and the Budget Public Hearing and adoption of the budget will be on the 28th at 7:30 p.m.
Dysinger reminded the board that Grant Township’s annual meeting will be held at 7 p.m. April 11 with the regular meeting to follow at 7:30 p.m.
The board approved bills for the month totaling $14,506.83.
Dysinger after the meeting said his grandmother, Helen I. Dysinger, 103 years old, who was the oldest Grant Township resident had just passed away.

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