Grant Township adopts nearly $900 K budget

April 13, 2012

After a special Budget Hearing Tuesday evening, The Grant Township board adopted an $891,000 budget for the coming year.

The budget includes $350,000 for some proposed roadwork including maintenance and improvements to Surrey Road between Coolidge and Cornwell, Kapplinger from Harrison Ave to Maple Grove, and Harrison Avenue from Pike Road to M-115. Work would include sealcoat with an additional fog seal (top layer of emulsion) for ten miles of roads and gravel work on one to three miles.

The resolution for the work, which also includes two dates for road brining at a cost of $20,000, was approved by the board at the regular meeting. The roads will be brined before Memorial Day and before Labor Day.

The new budget shows modest increases in Assessor costs, audit, elections, law enforcement, environmental and a 25,000 increase in Contingency.

With the renovations now complete, there was a sizable reduction in the Township Hall budget item and a moderate increase in the Garbage fund and Parks and Recreation.

The budget also reflects a slight increase in property tax revenue and a slight decrease in delinquent property taxes and in personal property taxes.

The Columbus Special Assessment income is lower and the Meadow Lane Special Assessment is projected to increase as is the Garbage Assessment.

The Fire Fund, Trailer Park Fees, Land Division and Application fees are listed at the same level as last year, but Reimbursements are up by $1,000.

The new budget reflects a $10,000 increase in Revenue Sharing, but $3,000 less in interest and dividends.

Also remaining at the same revenue levels are delinquent personal property taxes

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