Grant Twp. approves board and staff raises

April 13, 2018

By Pat Maurer

The Grant Township Board held their annual meeting Tuesday evening and set their meeting dates, once again, for the second Tuesday of each month.

The time however, has changed. They moved the opening of the regular meetings from 7:30 to 7 p.m.

The budget for the coming year was also set at the annual meeting with revenues initially set at $1,023,500 for 2018-19, up from $780,626.68 for 2017-18.

Expenditures for the coming year were set at $1,023,500 compared to the 2017-18 actual figure of $1,020,148.81.

Salaries for the board members were also given increases.

Supervisor Dan Dysinger will be paid $1,007.81 per month plus $275. Monthly for hall maintenance. His assistant’s wages will increase to $15.32 per hour.
Township Clerk Sue Wentworth’s salary was increased to $1,533.26 per month. The Deputy Clerk wages will be $15.32 per hour.

Township Treasurer Tammy Shea will be paid $1,143.06 monthly with an additional $1.87 per parcel for summer tax collection work. The Deputy Treasurer Wages will be set at $15.32 per hour.

Township Trustees Margery Bell and Richard Zinser will each receive $212.00 per meeting.

Wages for the Hall Coordinator and Assistant were increased to $15.32 per hour; Board of Review Wages were set at $153.00 per full day and $16.34 per hour for extra hours; Election Fees and Per Diem were set: Chairperson wage $17.36 per hour and Inspector wage increased to $15.32 per hour.

Following the annual meeting the board met for their regular April meeting.

Business at the meeting included a discussion by Dysinger on the tentative plans for the improvements to the Little Tobacco Drain.

Dysinger said the cost of the project has been tentatively estimated at $7.5 million with Clare County responsible for 70 percent and Isabella County’s share at 30 percent. “I believe Clare County’s share should be lesss,” Dysinger said, “but these are very rough estimates.” He said he believes the Grant Township share of the costs will be about 3 percent, an amount he said, “should be one percent.”

He said the two county drain commissioners and two engineering firms will determine how the cost will be spread and after that determination is made there would be a “day of review.”

He said it was his understanding that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) would provide a grant to pay for 52 properties that are in the drain right-of-way.

In an email Wednesday, Dysinger said, “I was just informed that a progress meeting on the Little Tobacco Darin will be held on April 23 at 10:30 a.m. in the Clare City Hall upstairs conference room.

In another matter Dysinger reported that, if approved, House Bill 4986 would change the way disabled veteran’s property tax exemptions are handled. Under the bill the tax exemptions would be paid by the property owner and the amount would be reimbursed through the State by an income tax credit. A House Tax Policy Committee meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, April 11 on the matter.

Under the current law, veteran’s exemptions on property tax are applied for at the local level with no local reimbursement leaving township and other local tax units with sometimes significant property tax losses. The bill would put the financial responsibility on the state. The bill is strongly supported by the Michigan Township Association. Dysinger said Grant Township’s taxable value went down by $727,000 and the cost to the township was about $2,100 for the veteran’s tax exemptions.

Other business at the meeting Tuesday included:

*A report that the calls about the Truck Route Ordinance had gone from almost 200 for January and February to only four for March.

*Approval of a resolution of support for the “Rails to Trails” Clare Gap completion project.

*The approval of bills totaling $121,631.30.

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