Grant Twp. approves property transfer to Clare

October 11, 2013

By Pat Maurer

After a special Public Hearing Tuesday evening, the Grant Township Board unanimously adopted a resolution to transfer two parcels totaling 200 acres from District I to District II (from Grant Township jurisdiction to the City of Clare) as requested by property owners, The Northern Group.

There was no public comment at the hearing.

Supervisor Dan Dysinger said after the regular meeting that he had talked to City Manager Ken Hibl about the wording on the resolution adopted at the City meeting Monday.

The City resolution includes a clause that  “The actual transfer of jurisdiction shall be declared null and void should the City of Clare not accept, decide to reject, or be declared disqualified or ineligible by a qualified federal agency for a development grant in the amount of approximately $2.66 million offered  to the City of Clare by the Economic Development Agency, said grant funds offered specifically for the development of a new Industrial Park on approximately 60 acres of the 200 acres of the property that Clare Northern Group has requested be transferred to the jurisdictional control of the City of Clare.”

Dysinger said, “Grant Township takes exception to the language as it technically modifies the Urban Cooperation Agreement and allows possible future requests for transfer to become a two way process.  I have notified Ken Hibl that this should be removed.”

He continued, “By my calendar, the transfer, under Grant Township’s action, becomes effective November 7. (30 days after the public hearing)   However, the City resolution correcting the error may push the date further into November.  Done correctly, once a parcel is transferred from District 1 (Grant Township jurisdiction) to District 2 (City of Clare) no reversal can occur, the transfer becomes permanent.

“He explained, “.   The original parcel consisting of 200 acres was split under the Land Division Act in 2004, one parcel being the parent parcel at 140 acres and the new smaller parcel at 60 acres.”

Clare City Clerk Diane said the City may have to change the resolution at the next meeting.

At the regular Grant Township meeting the board:

*Heard a report from Dysinger that 847 tires were collected at the recent Tire Recycling Program at the township hall. He also reported very little progress on the Lorraine Drive problems with encroachment into the road right of way.

*Approved a $1,150 estimate from Bouchey and Sons Inc. for improvements, a crushed concrete surface, to the hall parking area at the east end of the asphalt.

*Approved a resolution to have Consumers Energy replace a 200 watt bulb at the intersection of Grant and West Fifth with a 100 watt light.

*Accepted a letter of resignation from Board of Review member Teresa Ziegler. Ken Forfinski, currently an alternate on the board will replace her.

*Approved monthly bills totaling $48,637.59.

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