Grant Twp. asks CCRC to save roads

August 14, 2014

By Pat Maurer

Grant Township is hoping other township will agree that the Clare County Road Commission needs to do something to protect Clare County’s gravel roads.

The Grant Township Board passed three resolutions at their August meeting Tuesday asking CCRC board to make some changes to protect the county’s gravel roads from damage caused during spring frost laws, exempt waste haulers during frost laws and establish a truck route ordinance.

The board unanimously adopted all three of the resolutions, which were developed by Supervisor Dan Dysinger. “This reaffirms our commitment to maintain our roads,” Dysinger said. “These resolutions will be a part of the CCRC board’s records. They will have to answer to us and to other townships who feel the way we do.”

The first resolution supports the establishment of weight restrictions on gravel roads during spring weight restrictions, which now apply to designated paved roads. “Our gravel roads get a lot of damage from truck traffic in the spring,” Dysinger said.

The resolution reads in part: “…The Clare County Road Commission has authority to establish weight restrictions during periods of seasonal weight restrictions under State Law on gravel roadways in the County …”

The second resolution, which deals in refuse service in the county, says in part: “…The State Transportation Department, or a local authority with respect to highways under its jurisdiction, may suspend the restrictions imposed by this section when and where conditions of the highways or the public health, safety, and welfare warrant suspension…”

Dysinger cited incidents last spring, when waste haulers could not travel on some of the townships’ roads to pick up trash during the seasonal restriction. “This affects homeowners who do not get their trash collected,” Dysinger said. “These trucks only use the roads once each week. This is a safety and health issue and affects residents, and there are about 11,000 residences in the county.”

The third resolution deals with Grant Township’s earlier request that a truck route ordinance be established in the county. “They have the power to do this,” Dysinger said, “and it could make a difference in the deterioration of the roads.”

Dysinger and the board have asked the road commissioners to consider an ordinance establishing truck routes before. The CCRC board responded that they wouldn’t consider it.

Grant Township resident Bruce Tiedeman commented, “This won’t make any difference (to the road commissioners). They will do what they want anyway.”

Dysinger said, “Maybe not, but now it (our resolution) will be on record, and if other townships get on board, it could force them to do something.” He talked about the extensive damage to some of Grant’s roads when a construction detour routed trucks along them in past years.

The resolution reads in part: “…the Clare County Road Commission can by resolution establish such routes throughout the County and such enforcement can be provided using existing State of Michigan Laws governing traffic rule enforcement, violations would be enforced under normal and routing patrol by the Clare County Sheriff’s Department or other law enforcement agency at no further cost to the Clare County Road Commission…”

All three resolutions will now be sent to the CCRC, Dysinger said.

Other business at the meeting included:

*approval of a contract for gravel applicat8ion on Cornwell Avenue between Washington Road and Clarabella. The cost will be shared with Sheridan Township. Grant’s portion is $15,495.75. With the approval, the work can now be scheduled, Dysinger said.

*a brief report from County Commissioner Leonard Strouse, who said with the recent resignation of Chair Rick LaBoda, he supports the appointment of Vice- Chair Dale Majewski as new Chairman of the County Commission.

*permission from board members for Supervisor Dysinger to get quotes for propane service at the township hall.

*approval of bills for the month.


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