Hamilton voters asked to approve road millage

May 1, 2014

By Pat Maurer

Once again Hamilton Township voters will go to the polls next Tuesday to vote on a two-mill proposal for roads.

A similar request was defeated by township voters last August.

The two-mill proposal for five years would raise an estimated $120,000 in the first year it is levied. It would run from 2014 to 2018.

It would be used for road maintenance and improvements.

Supervisor David Cooper said, the millage is primarily for Rogers Avenue (also known as Dodge Lake Road from M-61 north to Townline Lake Road); for Rogers from Townline Lake Road to Arnold Lake Road and for parts of Townline Lake and Trout Avenue. “They are all in “poor condition,”

Cooper said. “We would focus on repairs to Dodge Lake Road in 2015, the first year.”

Cooper said the cost to cap a road would be approximately $70,000 per mile. Without improvements,” he added, “the surfaces will deteriorate until the roads would have to be replaced. The cost for that would be very, very expensive, five or six times as much for each mile.”

Despite the deteriorating condition of the roads in Hamilton Township, some residents just don’t want a tax increase. In a letter to the editor in the April 25 issue of the Review, Barbara Lambdin said, “Many of us just cannot afford an increase in our taxes. Many are “snow birds and are not here yet, or not even aware that this vote is coming up.”

She said a “user” based solution would be more appropriate, citing truck traffic which cause the most damage to the roads, many of which she said are in “deplorable shape.”

Some Hamilton Township and Arthur Township voters will also vote on two school bonding proposals, one for Gladwin’s school district and the second for Beaverton’s district.

The Gladwin proposal, if approved would allow the schools to borrow up to $2,375,000, a move that would cost taxpayers an additional .55 mills for the repayment over an eight year period.

Beaverton’s bonding issue is to borrow $6,100,000, with the 16 year repayment costing taxpayers an additional 1.53 mills the first year and an estimated 1.49 mills after that first year. Beaverton,s district currently has outstanding bonds totaling $935,000.

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