Hamilton voters say ‘no’ to new mills

May 9, 2014

By Pat Maurer

For the second time in less than a year, Hamilton Township voters gave a resounding “no” vote to a proposal to improve the township’s roads.

A similar request was defeated by township voters last August.

The two-mill proposal for five years would have raised an estimated $120,000 in the first year it is levied for road maintenance and improvements.

Last week, Supervisor David Cooper said, “Without improvements,” he added, “the surfaces will deteriorate until the roads will have to be replaced.

Some Hamilton Township and Arthur Township voters also voted against two school bonding proposals, one for Gladwin’s school district for busses and the second for Beaverton’s district to extend a bond issue.

Beaverton’s bond proposal, turned down in Arthur Township 15-7, did pass overall. 887 district voters said yes to the proposal, while 700 voted no.

The Gladwin bus millage proposal, also rejected by Arthur and Hamilton Township residents 70-22, was voted down in that school district 2,262 to 1,530.

Gladwin County residents also voted down a Headlee override proposal 2,262 to 1,530.

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