Road Concerns Dominate Grant Township

November 25, 2019

By Pat Maurer

Plans are underway for 2020 road improvements in Grant Township.

Supervisor Dan Dysinger presented preliminary road plans at the township meeting November 12th.

He reported the basic program is $254,000 with an option to increase [that] to $375,000 based on review and final approval by the Clare County Road Commission.

That board had removed the CCRC local match, $40,000 and in-kind work, but restored it for 2019. The match funds have been offered annually for several years to all of the townships. Grant Township’s match was the only one removed, with CCRC board members defending the change because of an “unfair” advantage for Grant Township. Most other townships in the county didn’t have matching funds available.

Next year’s road plans may have to be downsized if the CCRC doesn’t offer the local match to Grant. “Specific action by the Road Commission would require it to be approved for 2020,” Dysinger said.

Preliminary road plans that have been developed include 1.5 inches of HMA (hot mix asphalt) on Dover Road between Grant and Old US-27 ($90,000); Chip Seal on Rock Road between Grant and Bass Lake ($37,000); a gravel re-build on Willow Road from Beaver road to the end of the road ($100,000); and two applications of dust control ($27,000).

Dysinger continued, “The gravel improvement project for Willow Road will be done in 2020 regardless of the CCRC match.”

He added, “Questions for the Road Commission were directed to planned projects in 2019 that were delayed.” He listed Adams Road between Old 27 and Cornwell Avenue and Cornwell Avenue between Colonville and Beaverton Road (a re-gravel). “These are shared projects with Hatton and Sheridan Townships,” he said. “The projects (delayed gravel projects) are still a priority three pushing them back another year.” Dysinger said, “The priority three projects could start in 2020 but this would be contingent on previous projects being completed. 2021 would be more realistic.”

Roadwork funds for next year are based on $118,000 in millage; the 2019 CCRC match of $40,000 (for delayed projects); a $40,000 CCRC match for 2020 chip seal project and $56,000 from the general fund for a total of $254,000.

Options increasing the roadwork to $375,000 for 2020 are to add 3.25 miles of chip seal on Maple Road from Harrison Ave to the City Limits and on Dover road from Old 27 to Eberhart. The options total $121,000 and would increase the general fund contribution to $177,000

Dysinger said, “The Township Board is committed to resuming improvements to gravel roads. The optional improvements depend on final costs for the Rock Rd. (chip and seal) and actual estimates for Willow Road. (The cost for gravel will likely increase in 2020). If I had to guess,” he said, “we will probably spend $300,000 in 2020.”

In another matter, the board accepted a letter of resignation from Ordinance Enforcement Officer Rod Williams citing personal reasons. Dysinger said, “He has agreed to help in transitioning and training the new Ordinance Enforcement Team.”

The Township board approved the appointments of Merle Harmon, John Urquhart and John Lake to an Ordinance Enforcement Team at the meeting.
Other business at the township meeting included:
*Approval of budget amendments to the 2019-2010 budget with a $9,500 decrease in contingency; a $7,000 increase in assessor; a $1,000 increase in audit; and a $1.500 increase in board of review.
*Approval of a change in the Land Division Ordinance making a fee adjustment for the Land Division Application fee from $75 to $125 per application. Another change: A tax lien certification must accompany the application (available at the County Treasurer’s Office).
*A reminder that the dates for the 2020 dust control applications will be June 11 and July 29.
*Notification that the December Board of Review (information only) will be December 10 at 4 p.m.
*Approval of the contract with American Waste.
*Approval of the franchise agreement with Charter Communications.
*Approval of a switch from Verizon Wireless to Spectrum and adding a phone line.

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