Harrison couple murdered in Texas church massacre

November 10, 2017

11-10-17 Candlelight Vidgel for Texas Shooting Couple DSCN1329

By Jenn Bomorra

A somber heart-breaking chill filled the air during a candle lite vigil honoring the loss of Robert and Shani Corrigan at the Veteran’s Freedom Park in Harrison, Michigan Monday night.

Many residents from Clare County, Harrison and surrounding communities came out in support of the family of Robert and Shani Corrigan after Renee Haley, Director of Veteran’s Affairs of Clare County, was contacted by the Corrigan family requesting a candle lite vigil in honor of the two.

The Facebook Post Read:
“I was recently notified that Harrison has lost two of their own in the horrible tragedy that occurred yesterday in Texas. Robert and Shani Corrigan were both HHS graduates. Robert held the track record for years. The Family has requested that we come together tonight for a candle lite vigil at 5:30 pm at the Veteran’s Freedom Park in Harrison, as Robert was an Air Force retiree and they have two boys currently on active duty.” Renee Haley, said.

Mrs. Haley also added “please pass the word and let’s show this family that they will not be forgotten”

Robert and Shani Corrigan

Robert and Shani Corrigan

The Facebook post feed that  the director of Veteran’s Affairs sent out on behalf of the Corrigan Family Monday afternoon went viral and showed such an outpouring of support, shares and prayers for Robert and Shani and their families, that it only proves how close, strong and full of love the Harrison community truly is.

Robert and Shani Corrigan were 1985 Harrison High School Graduates. They met senior year and became high school sweethearts. After High school, Robert joined the Air Force and Married Shani. Robert Corrigan held the 2 mile track record at the Harrison High school for 25 years.  The Corrigan’s moved to Texas years ago to build a life there.

Robert Corrigan was a retired Air Force Veteran and loved being in the military. Both of their sons are also on active duty in the military. Over three decades of service, Chief Master Sgt. Corrigan rose to become superintendent of 55th Medical Group at Offutt Air Force Base in 2012 — part of the service’s essential 55th Wing, the largest in the Air Combat Command. Corrigan retired in 2015, relocating to San Antonio with Shani; the couple is survived by two sons, both on active-duty.

Living in the small town, they were both active members of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs.

Heart break hit them in November of last year 2016 when their 25 year old son Forrest Corrigan lost his life and passed away. The Corrigan’s held their son’s funeral service in the same First Baptist Church in Texas where they lost theirs nearly a year later by a mass shooter who in all has taken 26 lives and left 20 or more on the brink of recovering for their lives.

The Candle Lite Vigil got under way Monday evening around 5:30 Pm. Numerous Television stations were present to capture the importance and show of community solidarity, strength and love for the families and the heart-breaking loss of the Corrigan’s.

Renee Haley (director of Veteran’s Affairs of Clare County) started the vigil by expressing her condolences and reading a statement from the Harrison High School officials for Robert and Shani Corrigan.

A pastor lead the candle lite ceremony by saying a prayer and everyone taking a moment of silence in light of the Corrigan’s passing.

A few of the Corrigan’s family and friends took a few minutes to share their stories of remembrance of the two and express their condolences to the family.
The Pledge of Allegiance was said and singing songs like “God Bless America” were sung in honor to pay their respects to the couple.

“He was beautiful and he was full of happiness” exclaimed Jean Ann Corrigan, (Robert Corrigan’s mother.)

Funeral Arrangements are still being worked out for Robert and Shani Corrigan.

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