Harrison plans safe walking routes

May 16, 2014

Harrison Community Schools is working with the City of Harrison to make Harrison a safer place for walkers and bicycle riders and drivers by pursuing a Safe Routes to School grant. Many of you have already heard about some of the projects planned by the City to make some street improvements with other grant funding such as the Downtown Infrastructure Grant (DIG). By seeking Safe Routes to School grant funds through the Michigan and U.S. Departments of Transportation, the City and Harrison Community Schools hope to add some sidewalks and improve some street crosswalks and make some other improvements which will make it easier and safer for our students and all residents and visitors of Harrison to walk and bike to school and around the City.

Part of the grant application process will be some surveys which we will be asked to send to the parents of our students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Please be looking for that information to be coming soon from your child’s principal. We have already conducted some surveys with our upper elementary and middle school students. We have also gathered some information on how our students get to and from school over a three day period.

The schools will also organize a Walk to School Day on Friday, May 23, 2014 to promote walking as a healthy activity and to improve our chance for success on the grant application. Details will be provided to all students and parents regarding times and drop off locations for this activity. In the case of heavy rain or hazardous weather this activity will be cancelled and rescheduled for Friday, May 30, 2014.

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