Harrison Schools upgraded to Class B

April 19, 2013

By Cathy Taylor


Harrison Public Schools Superintendent Thomas House made a public announcement at the April 8th Board of Education meeting that Harrison has been upgraded to a Class B school for the upcoming 2013-14 school year.

The Michigan High School Athletic Association published their ratings for all Michigan high schools on March 20th, 2013.  Harrison was notified that they were one of 24 Michigan secondary schools that moved up in class for the upcoming year.

Classifications are based on a second semester student count and, according to House, Harrison made the Class B cut by a two-pupil margin.  The MHSAA also announced that 20 schools  slipped down by one classification.

Board President Marie Roth announced that the list of Harrison High School graduating Honor Students as well as the names of the school’s valedictorian and salutatorian has been released and will be formally announced at next month’s Board meeting.

Superintendent House commented that over 50 percent of the graduating class this year will be receiving either bronze, silver or gold medals for their academic achievements.  A bronze medal is awarded for a 3.0 to 3.49 GPA.  A silver medal is given to those with a 3.5 to 3.79 GPA while the gold medal is bestowed upon those with a 3.8 or higher grade point average.

Mr. Nick Oster, the Harrison Public School’s Resource Officer, was in attendance at last Monday’s Board meeting to answer any questions that the Board or the general public might have about his job duties.

Oster commented, “I love my job.  I think it’s the greatest job in the world.  It’s a culmination of everything I’ve trained for during my life.  I always look forward to being with the kids and try to be a positive influence on them.”

Oster makes his presence known at all of the school buildings, although he admits most of his time is spent at the middle school and high school.  According to Oster, this is where most of the complaints concerning drugs, driving and bullying come from.

“I get parents who come in concerned about their kids and bullying,” concluded Oster.  ” I don’t have a cure-all for it.  I just meet with the parents and try to find a solution and help the school enforce their policies.”

In other Board news Julie Rosekrans, Principal of the Larson Elementary school, was recently given the Together We Can award.  This award honors those who have gone above and beyond in fostering a healthier community.

Rosekrans stated, “About two years ago I decided I needed to get healthy and fit, so I started an exercise forum after school.  At first it was just myself and a few staff members getting together, but it eventually grew to about 25 people.”

Rosekrans’ physical challenges include a 3 mile walk, a  P90X exercise workout as well as a Zumba fitness class on Saturday mornings.  The activities are free and the public is invited to join in.  For more information, contact Julie at the Larson Elementary school.

Other issues discussed at the Monday night meeting involved school safety and security.  School Superintendent House has been very active in preparing and implementing  school safety procedures over the past several months.  Security cameras have been installed at the entrance points of each school building.  House is currently looking into the legalities involved with having live video feeds from the schools.

House also alerted staff that he will ask Officer Oster to set up a mock “sting” operation in the various school buildings to see if all staff members are complying with the new badge identification system.  It will basically involve sending a recruited individual into the buildings without proper ID in an effort to monitor how long it takes before a staff member questions their presence in the school.

In other business, a change was made to the Board’s regular monthly meeting agenda allowing for two public comment periods instead of one during their business meeting.  Public participation segments will now be scheduled immediately before the Informational presentation and discussion period as well as immediately after the informational and discussion portion of the evening.  This will allow the general public to voice concerns over issues that are covered by the Board before any formal action is taken.

Also accepted with regret at Monday’s meeting was the resignation of long-time school employee Terry Smith, which became effective on the 13th of March.

President Roth adjourned the meeting at 8:29 PM, with the Board retiring into Closed Session.

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