Harrison Street Fair to get beer tent

July 19, 2013

By Genine Hopkins

Snowbird Lanes owner John VanAntwerp, who has been in talks with the DDA to breathe some new life into the Harrison Street Fair, requested the Harrison City Council approve a beer and wine tent for the event.  VanAntwerp stated that there would be no cost to the city and the city would be included in the insurance.

“I would supply everything as do all vendors, and would limit the consumption to the tent area.  Additionally, we will have any staff for the event take the courses offered by the state for bartenders, to certify them for handling any issues.”

The hours of the tent are expected to be from noon until 7 p.m., on Friday August 23 and Saturday August 24.  No liquor would be sold and the DDA may use the tent as a fundraiser, selling commemorative mugs.  ID bracelets would be mandatory after checking IDs.
“We’ll keep the patrons of the tent inside the fenced area, both inside the tent and just outside in the contained area.  Since we will probably take up more space than most other vendors, if you require special payment we can talk about that as well,” VanAntwerp stated.

On a motion by Council member Chris Damvelt, supported by Council member Don Kolander, the council voted unanimously to approve VanAntwerp’s request.

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