Harrison woman finds a worm in meat from Wal-Mart

Cassie Strothers of Harrison is waiting for John Soule’s Company to “analyze” a picture of a worm she found in some beef she was about to feed her small child.

She said she bought the meat – John Soule’s Fajita Beef – on January 16 from Walmart in Houghton Lake. “I’ve purchased this product several times before,” she said, “and other than the occasional more-fatty packages, have been pretty satisfied with it.”

In a phone interview Wednesday she continued, “I was cooking potatoes this morning and added a handful of beef fajita strips. I began cutting the strips in half with my spatula to make the pieces smaller, but one of the pieces had some ‘gristle’, which kept the pieces from separating. I picked up the strip and pulled the ‘gristle’ out. I realized it did not look like anything you should find in a piece of beef. It was too symmetrical, having perfectly narrowed ends with a larger segment in the center. It took only a moment for me to realize it was, in fact, a worm …YUCK!!”

Strothers said she called the company and “They were very concerned, offered to pay for the beef and wanted a copy of the photo I took so they could ‘analyze’ it.

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