Hayes Township closes Civic Center

By Ray Augenstein

10-18-13 Hayes Township Civic TwnshpHayes Township in a surprising move closed the Civic Center. The reason given was that the furnaces were dangerous and could potentially cause problems. The supervisor called a furnace company to evaluate the problem and assess the costs to repair them. The furnaces, which were installed in 1982, were found to have cracks, and rusted heat exchangers. They were un-repairable, and the cost to replace them would run between $14,000 and $18,000. In view of the ongoing program to build a new Village Hall, it was decided to wait and see if a new Civic Center could be included in the plans.

The Civic Center has been a safe hub for senior residents to walk especially in inclement weather, and provided a gym and a basketball court for exercise.

It was also the Township polling site. In view of the shutdown, voters will have to find another location for voting.
The Township Supervisor is urging residents to get involved by attending the workshop and Board Meetings to keep up to date and participate in what is going on in the township.

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