Health assessment motivated Smith to get healthy

September 3, 2015

9-4-15 Health Assessments

Each of the five online health assessments can be easily accessed by a mobile device by visiting The free profilers take just five minutes to complete.

Roxanne Smith was browsing her Facebook newsfeed when she saw an ad for MidMichigan Health’s heart risk assessment. “I clicked on it, thinking it was a good way to get connected to health care through social media,” she said. She completed the assessment, and during the next few days, she took the lung and breast health, peripheral artery disease (PAD) and joint pain assessments as well.

Smith wasn’t surprised to find that the results of her heart risk assessment showed a high risk for cardiovascular disease. “I’ve been seeing a cardiologist since I was in my 20s, and had a stent put in when I was 44,” she said. “My father also passed away from a massive heart attack, so I know that cardiovascular disease runs in my family.” After getting the results, Smith plans to continue to have regular follow-up appointments with her cardiologist to make sure she’s managing her heart health properly.

Since taking the assessments, Smith has had follow-up heart, lung and PAD tests, as well as a breast ultrasound with Laura Brown, F.N.P.-B.C., M.S.N., at the Center for Women’s Health. “The staff at the Center for Women’s Health was great,” Smith said. “They called before and after my appointment to answer any questions that I had, and told me exactly what would happen during my follow-up tests.”

After Smith’s stepdaughter passed away in June 2014, she admits that she neglected to take care of her own health. “I put my health on hold, and wasn’t making appointments for my health concerns,” she said. “The assessments were the push I needed to take an active role in getting healthy again.”

Smith would highly recommend that her friends and family members take the risk assessments as well. “It only takes a few minutes, so it’s well worth your time,” she said. “Through these assessments, MidMichigan has motivated me to get healthy again.”

MidMichigan Health currently offers five free online health assessments. These profilers take approximately five minutes to complete, and help individuals determine their heart health, risk for PAD, breast and lung health and hip and knee pain. Those interested in evaluating their health, may visit


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