Hogan doesn’t appear for sentencing,

Family leaves State, Warrant issued

Billie Jo Hogan, 36, scheduled to be a on a reduced misdemeanor charge of possession of marijuana, failed to appear in court Monday. She and her family have fled the State.

A bench warrant was issued for her arrest, Clare County Prosecutor Michelle Ambrozaitis said Tuesday, adding that the new bond on the bench warrant is $7,500/10%.

Both she and husband Donald were arrested in June. Together the couple owned the Mid Michigan Care Givers Club in Harrison. They were both arrested June 14 on felony charges of illegal sales of Marijuana.

 A June release from the Clare County Sheriff’s Department said they had received numerous complaints that Marijuana was being sold from the Hayes Township business to individuals who were not patients of the caregiver.

Donald Hogan challenged the charges, saying they stemmed from a meeting with an elderly woman whose caregiver had died to see about transferring her to his care. “We have only tried to help out our community by offering a much needed legal service,” he said in June.

Drug charges were dropped against Donald Ray Hogan, 36, on July 17.

Ambrozaitis said last month that the charges against Billie Jo Hogan had been reduced to a misdemeanor because she is a licensed caregiver and has patients who use medical Marijuana. If convicted of a felony, she would no longer be eligible to be a caregiver.

Ambrozaitis said Wednesday, “We had some of her family contact us from Colorado saying that she, her husband, and their kids showed up out there and asked to stay with them until they found a place to live.

Hogan is the brother of Vickie Lynn Hogan, better known as Anna Nicole Smith, an American Model, actress and television personality who died from an overdose of prescription drugs at age 39.