How to make those New Year’s resolutions stick

January 3, 2014

By Marhea Pease

We all make our New Year Resolutions for the beginning of every year. Many people break them well before January ends. If you really want to stick with it this year here are some well-known resolutions, how to stick with it, and the places in your area that can help.

Eat Healthier and Diet- Many want to eat healthier this year whether it is simple meal change or lifestyle alteration. The phone app “fooducate” allows you to scan food products with the bar code scanner and shows what food letter grade it’s given showing nutrition value. B & B Farms east of Marion creates natural Canola Oil that you can order online  Phone Number: 269-568-1020; Walravens in Harrison, Michigan sells Michigan grown fruits and vegetables. CSA (community supported agriculture) farmer Joe Crawford from Clare, Michigan will grow shares of dozens of fruits and vegetables for under 20 dollars a week during the whole growing season MSU has a facebook page dedicated to healthy living with recipes and tips for Osceola County and works directly with the S.N.A.P program. They also provide free cooking and nutrition classes. Can be visited at

Get Fit and Work Out – Everyone wants a strong fit body especially around summer time. But if your budget is tight these options might be best for you. Mid Michigan Community College in Harrison, Michigan allows you to use their gym work out facilities for $30 dollars a month. If you want to get in shape outside Clare’s rail trails. The trail has much to see passing through the towns of Midland, Sanford, Coleman, and Clare. Additional connections are hoped for Farwell, Evart, Reed City and Ludington beginning 2014. The trail stops at many parks and recreation areas that include Veterans Memorial Park, Sanford Lake County Park the Pine Haven Recreation Area, Emerson Park and the Banking Grounds in Averill. Sanford Lake County Park has picnic areas, playgrounds, a 1000 foot swimming beach, boat launches, and restrooms.

Learn Something New – Every day take this opportunity to learn, create, and explore new things and places. Start with your local library if you are a reader. If there is a sport or an activity you would love to do talk to your local chamber of commerce to see what organizations are out there. Ask if there are any local sports or teams you can join. Many places have established local leagues or clubs on the town/city’s websites. Remember to bring a camera or write things down that you have experienced. Many people collect mementos from their trips such as rocks, flowers and leaves they press in books, sand/dirt in bottles, or even leaving their mark their by leaving secret letters. Some state parks and places you can hike at have hidden objects buried along the trails which you can dig up and exchange it with your object, on their websites you can see where people have found treasures or left clues.

Volunteer – Here are some places where you can donate your time, money, products. Assisting Veterans in Clare County Spending time with your local schools is a great way to volunteer. You can create new clubs and organizations to help build well rounded education for children and allows schools to build up extracurricular activities without dipping into the already strapped budgets. Donating blankets, food, towels, toys, and time at the local animal shelters is another great way to give back. You can also speak to your local animal shelter about fostering animals until they receive an adoption. The Osceola County Animal Shelter address 502 Savidge St., Reed City (231) 832-5790. The Clare County Animal Shelter 4040 Hazel Rd, Harrison, MI 48625
(989) 539-3221.

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