Joshuas presents award to Melneck

October 4, 2012

On Friday September 21, 2012 Joshua’s House held their 4th Annual Benefit Dinner at Farwell’s  Jamie Performing Arts Center.  The guests were touched by Michael Becker’s personal story of being born in a Maternity Home sixty-eight years ago, along with his life struggles and victories.  Senator Judy Emmons spoke on the importance of respecting all life and the efforts at the state level to provide protection to our citizens from the womb to the tomb.  Malory McDowell delighted the guests         with her lovely song selections that were heartfelt and thought provoking reminding us    to be ever grateful in all things. 

The dinner was successful in raising a portion of the funds required to assist with renovations needed to house the women in the Maternity Home.  Some of the funds that were raised at the dinner came from a live auction of a baseball uniform from the Clare Seals, donated to Joshua’s House.  The uniform is thought to be from the 1930’s or early 1940’s.  After checking with the historical society, they were unaware that Clare   ever had a different mascot other than the Pioneers.  Delighted at the winning bid, Jeffords, the Executive Director of Joshua’s House remarked “We are closer to our goal than we were just a few weeks ago and for that we are very thankful, however, we need    to complete this project soon, many women are in great need of our services and are awaiting entrance into our program.”

The highlight of the evening came when Jeffords, on behalf of the Board of Directors and the volunteers, presented June Melneck with an award honoring the donation of the building now being used as Joshua’s House.  It was a touching moment for everyone, from all indications, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!  The Melneck and  Holton family were pleased with the level of gratitude that was expressed by the entire organization and were delighted to hear that a duplicated award will be displayed inside of the Maternity Home honoring the donation as well.

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